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Paralysis by Prenalysis

[ed. note: Loosely translated from the French with apologies to Michel de Nostredame]
Century 13, Quatrain 1

And there upon a grand grey lady's luxurious lap,
A cold, dark shadow shall fall to veil her womanhood,
Seduced into the blindness of noble self righteousness,
Her lips will be lost to the truths of rosy-fingered dawn.

Century 13, Quatrain 4

Out of a storied Murrow tapestry an Oracle of Black Rock shall sing
Of the way it is, the way it was, and the way they want it to be,
Spinning their tales of Camelots, zippos, and Apollos eleven
Until the frequency shall thence be lost, Rather unceremoniously.

Century 13, Quatrain 36

Into the Century of Greed will bravely sail a Captain Outrageous,
To tame a sleepless beast restlessly roaming the earth
And chase from the darkness a torrent of fire, and brimstone and O.J,
Then shall the beast of babble be swallowed and yet be swallowed again.

Century 13, Quatrain 53

On the front porch of a millennium new shall come a colorful bird,
To the Gates of a ravenous red man-beast with digits two,
From the unholy coupling of beast and bird shall come a magic glowing egg,
A crystal ball filled with Lawyers, and Generals and Pundits, Oh My!

Century 13, Quatrain 57

Into the comforts of the clucking hens' house a Fox shall noisily come,
With a self-righteous howl to flutter the flock from their self-soiled roosts,
And commence a race between fowl and fox in a frantic dash
To be first to report the news, if possible before it happens.

Sometimes it just makes you want to watch Dragnet reruns on TVLand: Just the Facts, Mam. Just the Facts.



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