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Yankee Doodle Dingbat

Oh, whoa is us.

While the MFTV News PR Department is curiously silent these days, our agony cannot be quieted, after hearing the latest comments by our favorite and, by all Nielson numbers, Mudcat Falls' favorite Anchorette, Amanda Panteeze, during a luncheon address to the local chapter of the Jane Fonda Video Workout Club at their regular monthly meeting earlier this week.

Joining such notables as Sean Penn, Barbara Streisand and the Dixie Chicks, Ms. Panteeze could not resist the usual gratuitous swipes at our very own government and current President, George W. Bush, accusing the Commander-In-Chief of misleading the American people into believing that the situation in Iraq was the worse thing to happen to the United States "since the Germans bombed Pearl Habor [sic] just so he could drop more bombs on Budapest [sic-er] and get re-elected."

What can we say? Except, that at this time of the national celebration of our democracy, we can only express our thanks that the constitution protects each and every citizen's right to free speech, even if that speech provides a window into that person's incompetence.

We hope our good friend, Station Manager Rupert Ailes, will see fit to find a place for the comely Ms. Panteeze, at least in front of the weather map, until such time as some remedial classes at Mudcat Falls Community College can prepare her for delivering to us the news on world events with at least a modicom of respectability.

Alas, if only news anchors and celebrities could be seen and not heard.



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